The Web Page of David Gossman

While being president of Gossman Consulting, Inc. and ChemRight Laboratories, Inc. requires a great deal of time I have many outside interests, some of which are listed below. As I come upon links related to these interests and other information I will add it to this web page.

Interdisciplinary Science - Both my BS and MS are in Interdisciplinary Physical Science with enough engineering and biological science coursework to make things interesting. My Master's thesis involved the development of a semiquantitative model for managing interdisciplinary research efforts. I continue to maintain a strong professional and personal interest in the area, particularly as it impacts science education.

Astronomy/Planetary Sciences - Although I never entered this field professionally, I had originally designed my educational experience with the idea of someday working at JPL. I have continued to maintain a strong interest and membership in various organizations that support space sciences. I have a 10" Meade LX200 telescope that I enjoy whenever I can make the time. The acquisition of a farm with good dark skies has made sky watching even more enjoyable. 

Climatology - My planetary sciences background included undergrad and grad level climatology as well as fluid mechanics and the math needed to understand climatology as a science. I find the current political debate over the impact of greenhouse gases to be regretable for both efforts to promote science as well as protect the environment. As a trained science with the background to understand the issues I remain a skeptic - as should any scientist when dealing with so many variables, unknow feedback and so little scientific evidence. Climate models are not evidence unless they are predictive - so far that is not the case.

Gardening/Farming - I have been an avid gardener for many years. The acquisition of a farm is allowing me to explore this interest further. I am actively developing the timbered areas of the farm. Over the last seventeen years we have planted over 40,000 trees and 60 acres of native grasses and forbs. Now we have started up TreeFarm  If you are a woodworker, come visit our website.  We carry a variety of unique native hardwood lumber and some hard to find supplies for those who like to plant trees.

Home schooling/Education - As a former public school board member and president, I have come to believe that the public schools are flawed. The combination of no free market forces, teacher's unions and a sort of "group think" produces little in the way of real innovation, and is particularly damaging to those children who do not fit squarely in the middle of whatever norms the system is oriented toward at the time. While there are many dedicated and good teachers, the overall school environment is so artificial that it is a wonder that children learn at all. My wife and I  chose to homeschool our youngest children and it was truly fun. The rate of learning and level of interest surpassed what I might have imagined. I believe that the advent of virtual schools on the internet will significantly change the way our public schools operate. The real danger will continue to be the development of two levels of learning with a wide gulf between. I do not believe government has the answer to this issue. Meanwhile, two of my daughters have graduated from the Illinois Math and Science Academy, one of those rare examples of a government institution that is working. 

Multidimensional Euclidean Geometry - This is an area of interest that stems from my own high school years. At that time I developed various methods of representing multidimensional Euclidean polytopes in two and three dimensions. Through this effort, I also learned to conceptualize in more than three dimensions. Even now I have little difficulty conceptualizing four dimensional objects. I believe that this effort benefits my ability to conceptualize and solve real world problems.

Backpacking/Hiking/Survival Skills - During my youth my family traveled extensively, camping in the national parks. I was also active in boy scouts as a member of a large and very active troop that worked hard to keep older scouts involved. (I received my Eagle in a ceremony with seven other boys.) All of this led to a strong and continuing interest in backpacking, hiking, and survival skills. 

Stamp Collecting - I have been a philatelist since a young age when my grandfather used to give me stamps to collect. I currently collect used, mint and plate block US stamps. All used are prior to 1940 and all mint prior to 1994. I found the moves by the postal service to take advantage of stamp collectors too much to take and buy few current stamps. I also collect "classic" (prior to 1940) foreign stamps. I am an active member of the American Philatelic Society both selling and purchasing through their approval books.

Other Interests - Reading, primarily science fiction. Electronics, computer repair and upgrading as well as laboratory instrument repair and setup. Physical fitness from volleyball, walleyball, weight lifting, running and nutritional supplements. Computers and the internet. Inground/solar home design and wind energy. Rock collecting based on an extensive collection started by my brother and me as children.


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